The emPOWERed Half Hour

Episode 30: How Self-Awareness is the Key to Self-Empowerment with Michelle Pfile

September 27, 2023 Becca Powers Season 1 Episode 30
The emPOWERed Half Hour
Episode 30: How Self-Awareness is the Key to Self-Empowerment with Michelle Pfile
Show Notes

In a world where societal pressure and external influences can sway us from our true path, it's unfortunately common to lose sight of who we truly are and what matters to us.
Self-awareness serves as a path towards self-empowerment. It acts as a valuable tool that enables us to distinguish between what people expect of us and what is true for us. Through this, we learn the wisdom and gain perspectives necessary to make healthy choices and align our actions with our values. It empowers us to take full responsibility for our own growth and well-being which allows us to navigate life's journey with authenticity and purpose.

In this episode, we are joined by Michelle Pfile, a health, wellness, and business mentor, and podcast host who helps women create positive changes by elevating them physically, mentally, spiritually, and financially. She shares with us how self-awareness serves as the ultimate key to self-empowerment, and the significance of taking the time to slow down, listen to our inner wisdom, and get clear on what holds true importance in our lives.

Michelle encourages us to embrace life's transitions, such as perimenopause, with grace and resilience, and to make mindful and healthy choices for our well-being.

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Key Points From This Episode:

  • Do not let others tell us how we should live our lives
  • Embracing transitions such as perimenopause as a positive new life stage
  • Women wear multiple hats — it’s important to take a moment to slow down, think, and focus on self-care
  • Listening to our inner wisdom tells us what our next step should be based on what our body needs at the moment

About Michelle Pfile:

Michelle Pfile is a health, wellness, and business mentor and also a podcast host who helps women create positive changes in their life by elevating them physically, mentally, spiritually and financially. After struggling with PCOS diagnosis for much of her life, she made drastic changes to improve her lifestyle that helped to completely transform her health, mind, and body. Speaking on topics such as holistic health, intermittent fasting, mindset shifts, network marketing and grief, Michelle has a plethora of expertise and speaks about it in a way that just makes sense.

Connect with Michelle Pfile:

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